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The current schedule of seven classes a day is flawed. We need a change, to more efficiently teach and organize our school. There will be more time spent in class with a block schedule because it decreases the number of passing periods. This change will be easier on teachers as well as students to learn/teach. More one on one time can be spent with the teacher and student. There will be less disciplinary problems because there is less time where students are unsupervised. The block schedule will cut back cost on book sets because the number of students in each class will be substantially smaller. This will better prepare students for college.

We are all familiar with the current schedule of forty-five minutes a day in seven different classes. This is how its been done for years: my parents did it , my older brothers did it , and now I'm doing it.

The current schedule spends an accumulative time of five hours and fifteen minutes in class, that leaves thirty minutes wasted in transition between classes. Would you agree that it would be an improvement to cut the wasted minutes in half and add that time to class time? With a block schedule of four, ninety minute classes, we can have an accumulative time of six hours in class and only fifteen minutes, a day, wasted in transition between classes. Class time can be gained without costing the school, just simply changing the schedule.

The block schedule will be easier on teachers as well as students. This will be easier because instead of the teacher having to keep track of a hundred-eighty students a day, they only have about sixty to keep track of daily. There is not only wasted time physically moving between classes but if factored in...