Who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet's deaths?

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Throughout "Romeo & Juliet" there is a wide variety of people available to place the blame on. You may agree or disagree to each of thy's chosen choices. Thou art to blame first is Friar Lawrence, The Friar chooses no sides, But plays a lively role in the death of Both Romeo & Juliet. One of just many reasons to place the blame on the Friar is that he married them in secret and did not let their relatives know. The Friar also makes another mistake in marrying them far too quickly and not allowing thinking time as to whether this was a good idea or not. Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a potion that will make her look and feel dead, But he fails to inform Romeo properly of the plan.

Lord Capulet also plays a lively role in the deaths of both Romeo & Juliet, The Lord was unaware that Romeo & Juliet would fall in love at the party.

The Lord didn't kick out Romeo from his party because the Lord did not want any trouble while there was a party on. The Lord did not know that Juliet was already married and he knew that Juliet was too young for marriage but then says she must get married. The Lord only wanted Juliet to be married because he thought that the death of Tybalt had caused her upset and he also thought that getting married might cheer her up.

Romeo may also be considered a part of each others deaths considering that he found Juliet dead and decided to take his own life but then Juliet awoke just as Romeo was dying and tried to take her life. Romeo only took his friends word for Juliet being dead and did not consult anyone else. If he had've...