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Topic: - How can a hotel benefit from having a complete and accurate system of job description and job specifications.

Abstract: - In this topic the main aim is to understand how job description and job specification help hospitality sector in proper operations. It also tells the employees what are the task are to be performed in an organization. How it helps in identifying the structure and uses of job description and job specifications. It shows the linkage of job description and job specifications and job analysis.


- Define the concepts of job analysis and job description,

- Identify the process of job analysis, job specification and

- Identify the structure and uses of job description.


Job analysis refers to the process of examining a job to identify its component parts and circumstances in which it is to be performed. The choice of evaluation method is dependent on the number and kind of jobs to be evaluated, the cost of the operations, available resources, the degree of precision required and the organisations environments both internal and external.

Job analysis is the foundation for both job description and job specification. It involves in gathering of such information as follow:

A. What the employee does?

B. How the employee does it?

C. Why the employee does it?

D. The material, tools and procedures used in the performance of the work,

E. The physical activities involved in the performance of the work,

F. The condition under which the work patterns, etc.

Job Description: -

Job description is a board statement of the purpose, duties and responsibilities of a job or position. It is a functional description of what the job entails. It is despite in nature and defines the purpose and scope of a particular task. Job description is a...