Being a Reader and Being a Writer

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Reading and writing are two very significant qualities in any person's life. A person that can read and write can communicate with others in such influential ways because of the knowledge that he or she holds. Sources from Stephen King and Langston Hughes show what it takes to be a writer, while Jorge Borges and the movie, Educating Rita, will show the importance of reading and the drastic changes that it can have on your life.

In the movie, "Educating Rita", the main character, Rita, begins to tutor with Dr. Bryant, a professor at the local college. She was a very eager and excited woman that had energy to share with the stars. Rita did not want to follow the pattern of women in her social class. She wanted more and she yearned to be an educated woman. Rita says, "There must be better songs to sing than this."

Rita stated this quote because she was simply unhappy with her life. She begins to see Dr. Bryant once a week and he shows her what it is to be well read. She learns poetry and literature and devours every piece of it.

The turn in the movie is when Rita goes to summer school and learns that she does not need someone to help her. She feels absolutely capable of doing it on her own. The relationship between Rita and Dr. Bryant takes a drastic turn. Rita soon realizes how na�e she had been. She learns a great deal about life and understands what she is reading Dr. Bryant said to her once, "What does it benefit a man, if he gaineth all of literature and loseth his soul." I feel that this quote represented a piece of both of them. Dr. Bryant knew how much literature...