The Battle of "Gettysburg"

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"Gettysburg" is a movie of great historical accuracy. The movie mostly takes place from July 1st 1863 to July 3rd 1863, which was the third summer of the war. It also sets the scene of the war in that it tells of both sides' reasons for fighting. The Confederates want a stronger state government and felt that it was right to succeed from the Union. The Union, on the other hand, wants to preserve itself as one country and sees no reason that the two sides cannot agree. The South upheld an aristocracy culture, by have the rich plantation owners have the power. The North had an industrial culture, by having men work at factories and not be judged on their family's social status. Lastly, it supports the fact that one of the war's main concerns for the South was not in the form of slavery; " know your country would never ally itself with a country who upholds the idea of slavery.

We should have freed the slaves and then fired on Ft. Sumter...", General Longstreet while talking to an ambassador from England before the battle of Gettysburg. This conveys how the South was focusing on individual States' rights and not slavery.

The movie starts with General Lee moving his troops up through Pennsylvania, using the mountains as a screening. Lee is hoping to pressure Lincoln to sign the peace treaty sent to him, by defeating the Union in Gettysburg and marching, unchallenged, to Washington. General Stuart was 50 miles away from Lee's position, so Lee had no idea what was going on, and was moving on the word of an actor hired as a scout by Longstreet. The Union heard of the Army of Northern Virginia being in Pennsylvania, so the Army of the Potomac approached Gettysburg from...