Australia In The 1920's and the 1930's

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Section A.

A Group in the Interwar Period

- The Stolen Generation

The experience that the aboriginal had was quite significant first of all they were taken from there parents by the order of Government agencies, more than 30,000 children were removed from their parents and families, children and parents would have been crying for each other when this happened between 1900 and 1972.

Children of mix decent were most targeted (eg the father is aboriginal and the mother is white)

The official report written stated that in most cases disgusting violations of human rights occurred.

Children were removed by force from their mother arms while still in hospital

More evidence gathered proved that trickery and violence was used to take away the children.

A true event referring to events in 1935:

"I was at the post office with my Mum and Auntie [and cousin]. They put us in the police [vehicle] and said they were taking us to Broome.

They put the mums in there as well. But when we'd gone [about ten miles] they stopped, and threw the mothers out of the car. We jumped on our mothers' backs, crying, trying not to be left behind. But the policemen pulled us off and threw us back in the car. They pushed the mothers away and drove off, while our mothers were chasing the car, running and crying after us."

Sexual abuse was around intuitions and with foster parents.

The children would be experienced to sexual abuse and exploitation.

Girls had a higher chance of sexual abuse to happen to them than boys. For girls the risk of sexual assault in a foster placement was far higher. And just over one in ten girls claim they were sexually abused in a children's institution

Section B.

An Individual in the...