Argumentation on footballmania and the behaviour of fans

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My essay's aim is to introduce and argue about the culture of football on the British Isles. This popular sport spread from the Scottish and English region and it is a very important factor in the world's sportlife nowadays.The main focus is on the effect of football on society, particularly on football fans. One certain topic is about the football fanatism - about people who are devoted to their favourite clubs. The other major paragraph touches the overwhelmingly spread agression on the football matches. The first two paragraph introduces some major aspect of football history focusing on the British Isles; this provides the basis of my essay topic. The argument continues towards the role of the media in football life.

The modern type of this sport was invented in the 1870s on the basis of the ancient Celtic game of kicking rag balls on a field. The first step in football history was the beginning of the British Championship in 1884.

In the early times, the English and the Scottish Championships were held together under the flag of British Championship. Scottish players were more talented and they were the first players who used highly organized tactics on the pitches. English played a more unpopular version; they simply kicked the ball away when the other team's player approached. That is why Scotland gave much better teams in the Championship. By the turn of the century more and more Scottish players were transferred to English teams. Football gained popularity with the development of performance. The year of 1905. brought the first English champion, called Preston North End, to the British Championship. The games were visited by mainly the working-class people, sometimes by 30.000 supporters on the grandstands. The main attraction was the annual English - Scottish international derby. The...