Analysis of the David O'Russel film, "The Three Kings"

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The film analysed in this essay "Three Kings", directed by David O.Russel reveals to the audience a new way of looking at the period of the Persian Gulf War. It is a film that gives the overall feel of what it was like in that period of time, making the audience feel as if they are apart of the action, sadness and up rise this film portrays. The essay conducted here will be presented in a fashionable order talking about all the techniques used in making a film. My opinion on this film is that all the techniques, patterns and functions used, do contribute to the overall outcome of the film.

"Three Kings" is a classic war epic that portrays the lives of four men in the Persian Gulf War. It reveals the obstacles they faced at that time and how they're life choices affected the outcome.

The scene analysed in this film mainly plays out as the four men (Archie, Troy, Chief and Conrad) return from the town Cabala after having thought there had been a bunker with gold in it.

During the scene the characters reveal to us a lot of vital information which contributes to the understanding of the film and how it affects they're decisions and the final outcome.

A lot of different techniques, patterns and functions are used during this scene; two of the techniques most obvious to the audience are the scale and the editing patterns. The main scale used in this film would have to be the Medium Close up (MCU). This technique is used 16 out of 20 shots in the scene and provides us with clear view of what is happening in the scene. It mainly portrays to us how the conversation was flowing, which brings me to my next point,