An analysis of the ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission) website - the question being "Consider the aims of ATSIC for their site how effective do you find it?"

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By using a universal resource, the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Commission website is able to inform, educate, entertain and promote Australian Indigenous culture on a global level. The effectiveness of the site is measured by its success in retaining the attention and interest of the responder. The engagement of the responder is maintained through the sites post-modern nature: its non-linear, impermanent, transparent and infinite structure.

"Land is at the core of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, heritage and identity"

Australian Indigenous culture is directly dependent on the land. By embracing the technological 'landscape' of the western world, the website assists in the reconciliation of western and Australian Indigenous culture.

ATSIC is able to successfully merge both the real and synthetic landscapes. This merger implies a level of post-modernism and reconciliation between the two juxtaposed cultures, as the draft document of reconciliation stipulates: "...Our new journey then begins. We must learn our shared history, walk together and grow together to enrich our understanding."

Australian Indigenous value to land is explored and promoted through this new contemporary medium. The website is used as a mean of empowering the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; providing them with a global platform to share their culture.

"The site is targeted at non-Indigenous citizens in Australia, and it also enjoys a large audience overseas."


Extensive use of colour and artistic elements combined with sounds and interactive buttons increase the appeal and indigenous tone of the site. The uses of ochre and base colours throughout the site are distinctively aboriginal.

This is clearly evident in the ATSIC Service Charter and in the ATSIC logo as they consist of earthy colours, and use Aboriginal art styles. Aboriginal art styles and colours are entwined with the ATSIC Service Charter. With its desert...