Alcohol Abuse on young People

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The opposition of the law on the drinking age should be revised to make the law stricter against younger people. These are the outcomes that we have to take action on; firstly we need to advise and reduce the amount of irresponsible drinkers, secondly the influence of alcohol on young drivers driving home and lastly the unhealthy decisions for drinking at such a young age. These are the topics that I wish to talk about in my essay.

As the population of younger adolescents increases, they are affected by having the access to alcohol and they begin to abuse their responsibility towards drinking wisely. Alcohol should not be banned from these young adolescents but corrected and advised on being more mature and responsible for their actions when they are with friends. Drinking to much alcohol isn't a wise decision, it affects your perception.

More and more collisions have occurred over the past few years because of young drivers.

These Young drivers that get in a car after they have been drinking and make a pathetic attempt to drive their vehicle safely home and then end up in a tragedy have only proved to theirselves the wrongfulness of their actions. This only shows that these young adolescents are not being responsible towards their actions. This is a fact that the government should be aware of and make the penalty on drunk drivers harsher. Don't make the mistake of abusing your intellect. Again, you only prove that you are not being responsible and should never drink again until you can take the responsibility for your actions. When you gamble with alcohol, it's not only yourself that you are putting at risk, you affect the people around you also.

When you are under the influence of alcohol, the alcohol has entered...