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In reply to the anonymous correspondent who criticized study abroad, I would like to make the following points.

First of all, study abroad can widen students' horizon to the world. In the international environment, students can make friends from different countries and backgrounds, and it helped to learn more about other cultures and the world. It lays a firm foundation for students to being a global citizen.

In addition to opening eyes to the world, it is a great chance for students to develop themselves. As most students were sheltered growing up at home, study abroad is a huge challenge. It helped the increase of independence and maturity both mental and intellectual. As a result, students will boost confidence in their ability to survive and success on their own.

It cannot be ignored that students will have obvious competitive edge in the job market while the experience of study abroad was gained.

In today's global world, which places a premium on international literacy, students who are not exposed to the world and to other cultures will be left behind.

Academically speaking, it has great educational benefits, for example, languages. When studying abroad in a foreign country, different languages will be encountered while studying major courses. Consequently, students could receive a dual education in the same time.

Finally, for all of the above reasons, study abroad is not a national disaster but a prediction of country's thrives.

Wales is a great place for foreign students to study. More and more foreign students come and study in Wales these years. Reasons for this may sum up as follow:

First of all, Wales is a traditional British country. With the typical British life style and its special language, foreign students could learn the culture and history of Britain easier and better here.