The accuracy of the 1994 Rwandan genocide portrayed in the film 'Hotel Rwanda'

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This film is a very accurate portrayal of the actions and thoughts of Paul during the around 100-day ordeal of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. For the film Paul served as a special consultant to the United Artists and Lion's Gate Films' production and he was there during the filming process to offer his opinions and advice. However, although the film followed the general gist of what happened, some scenes have been changed or added at the director's discretion as the director believes a film's principle aim is to get people to see it, to enjoy it, and receive the message.

The film gives a better comprehension of the suffering and emotions of the Rwandan people during the crisis. Instead of reading bare facts from a book or newspaper, the films shows using colour, lighting, sound and scenery what the people went through and enlists more emotion and deeper understanding from viewers.

The film is a message to people so they can tell others of what they have seen and also a release for the Rwandans who didn't get to tell their story. Because the movie is a source of entertainment, it has led many people to view it who otherwise wouldn't have heard about it and serves as a way of awakening many people to the genocide occurring elsewhere in the world right now.

Paul has spoken about the film's potential to spread the word about the genocide; it has received more publicity because of its 3 Oscar nominations, and its accuracy in displaying the history.

However, he also says, the reality was much worse but the director had to play it down to get it to receive its American PG-13 rating. The director, Terry George thought 12 and 13 year olds were old enough to deal with and learn...